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Can R4i b9s, Ace3ds X or R4i gold 3ds+ support 3DS Games?

Is there any R4 card play 3ds games in 2018, such the R4i sdhc b9s, Ace3ds x or the R4i gold 3ds plus? If you have a doubt like this, you need to read our article here.

R4i b9s or Ace3ds X or R4i gold 3ds plus, which supports 3ds games?

None of them supports .3ds rom file on your 3DS console, they are ds game flashcarts and the flashcard supports NTRboothax, will allow you to install Boot9strap and Luma3ds cfw to any 3DS device, then you can download CIA format 3ds games to play, but never supports 3ds games directly. If you regard them as the 3ds game supported cards and buy them for playing free 3ds roms, it’s a little mistake. You can’t use each of them to play .3ds file!

r4i sdhc b9s 3ds

R4i sdhc b9s: New version R4i sdhc 3ds rts card with pre-flashed NTRboothax exploit released by, it’s produced mainly for flashing NTRboothax to your 3DS system handheld, so you can install B9S/CFW to hack a 3DS fully. It also supports ds games if you use the B9S Flasher software to return the card to its original mode, then R4I B9S can play free NDS games as liking the R4i sdhc 3ds rts. Currently, it has a retail price of $19.9.

ace3ds x 3ds games

Ace3ds X: released their NTRboothax flashcard too in 2017. The Ace3ds x has to modes for cracking the 3DS, one is DS Mode which works like the Ace3ds plus flashcart, the other is NTR mode which has a built-in ntrboothax, plus, it has an outstanding feature, there is an external button on the card for switching between DS and 3DS(NTR) modes. Now, it is on sale in with price of $25.9.

r4 3ds plus

R4i gold 3ds rts plus edition: R4i gold 3ds wood is finally updated after the appearance of NTRboot method, the official team launches a new R4i gold 3ds card which is called R4i gold 3ds rts plus edition. It is playing ds games as the original 3ds r4i gold rts, for using ntrboothax exploit to 3DS, it’s pre-flashed too. Its unique feature is an inner button is designed for the flashcard, so users can switch from NTR mode to NDS mode by just opening the cartridge and pushing the switch to the other mode. Currently, outsite is doing Promotion for R4i gold 3ds plus with a New Year voucher code.

How to use Ace3ds x, r4i b9s or R4i 3ds plus to play free 3ds games?

By using Ace3ds x, r4i b9s 3ds or r4i gold 3ds plus, you can play 3ds games in CIA format. If you want to play direct 3ds games on a 2ds/3ds/2ds xl/new 3ds xl console, buy the 3ds flashcard not the ntrboot card.

Compared with 3ds flashcart, they are not that easy and simple to use for playing cia 3ds games. but don’t worry, you can find a very detailed tutorial from their official websites. Here I will show you one by one.

Without them, can we download 3ds games to a SD card to play?

Yes, in fact, a much easier way to play unlimited 3ds games on our 3DS firmware device is using the 3ds game flash cart and a memory microsd. This method is more suitable for a lazy gamer or a small child or a 3ds&flashcart newbie. You are no need to search for information about CFW, NTRBOOTHAX, CIA on the Internet. You just need to buy a 3ds game hacking card and a sd/sdhc card, then you can play free nintendo 3ds games. Why? Because they are plug&play.

For now, there are 2 3ds flashcarts supporting plug&play and can be used on any 3DS model or firmware version. They are Stargate 3ds and Sky3ds+.

stargate 3ds

Stargate 3ds: 3ds Stargate can play both NDS and 3DS games on all the 3DS system handhelds. When supports 3ds games, users only need to download 3ds roms to a sd card then put sd card to the Stargate 3ds, after that, they can insert the Stargate 3ds card to any 3DS/2DS/NEW 3DS XL/2DS machine to play 3ds games. When hacks ds games, we just need to download DS system files from the official site, unzip it to copy all the contents to a sd card’s root directory, then also download ds roms to the sd card, insert sd to a Stargate 3ds, finally we can play NDS games as well.

In 2018, if you are the one who is looking for a DS/3DS game supported card, buy the Stargate 3ds flashcart.

buy r4 3ds,sky3ds, n2 elite with voucher for 3DS or Switch

Sky3ds+: It’s the best 3ds game flashcard to buy. Though it can’t support NDS games, it can play nearly every 3ds game in the market, excluding the eshop titles. It supports on all 3ds firmware versions and models. It works with a skydock to play games online safely with no Ban. More importantly, sky3ds plus is the 3ds flashcart has been used for years in hacking 3ds games. So you can give more trust to it. As for the setup, also very simple, download sky3ds+ firmware, 3ds roms to a microsd, insert the sd to your consoles, then enjoy the free games!

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