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C2M Review: What are its Pros and Cons for hacking SNES/NES Classic?

Since the NES and SNES Mini came on the market, Nintendo fans have been steadily increasing the number of small console games. Recently days, Classic 2 Magic has been released, and What are its Pros and Cons for hacking SNES/NES Classic? Today, following us, we will give you the depth review of Classic 2 Magic (C2M).

Can you hack SNES Mini with Classic 2 Magic?

There is no doubt that yes, Classic 2 Magic, a device that adds to our small console a slot from which to connect our original cartridges and enjoy them in our modern television with the advantages offered by a system Like the SNES Mini (and eye, it is also compatible with the Nintendo Classic Mini NES). In addition, it also incorporates a USB port, where you can connect a pen drive with which to expand the capacity of our console can add new games.

The installation of the system does not require any type of hardware modification in our console, we simply have to connect it to our SNES Mini through its USB port, and after a quick installation, we can enjoy our original cartridges, from any region, in our console. It is important to remember that any modification of the original software of our system will make us lose the original guarantee of the manufacturer, so if you decide to get one, keep this detail in mind.

What are its Pros and Cons for hacking SNES/NES Classic?

The pros of Classic 2 Magic:

There are some great things about the way that the C2M works. It takes out a lot of the guesswork for people that were maybe intimidated by hakchi. We’ll have a separate article up soon detailing how to set up the C2M. Anyway, once you have it finally loaded, your SNES Classic screen will look a little bit different, but you’ll notice a new icon. This will primarily be used for loading up your carts. With your SNES Classic off, you simply pop in a cart and choose the icon to load it. It will pause momentarily and then begin. The pause is because in the background it is dumping your ROM and then loading it. So the SNES Classic is never ever actually playing your cart. Which is still great as the C2M now doubles as a ROM dumper.

Supports all SNES Classic models across the world from all regions. The same can be said with how it supports all NES models available to date. They all have slightly different revisions of their motherboards, but all of them remain largely unchanged. That means that the C2M is compatible across the board. Does that mean that it will work with all future “Classic” systems that Nintendo may release? That’s to be seen of course, but I certainly hope so. The more devices it supports, the more useful and worth it the purchase is. I doubt that something like the RetroPort (allows NES carts to be played on SNES) would work here, but if so, I would buy it just to play all my carts legitimately.

  • Supports most of the SNES retail cartridge library.
  • The easy way to modify the SNES / NES Classic systems.
  • Supports both SNES and NES Classic Edition consoles.
  • Supports virtually unlimited ROM storage via USB port for USB memory sticks.
  • Has two status LED lights to indicate its operation
  • Comes with a USB A to micro USB cable for connection between the Classic 2 Magic and the console.
  • Packaged files come with the latest emulators for playing various system ROM files.

Cons of Classic 2 Magic:

  • Does not support the full library of SNES cartridge games (this may be due to copy protection on some of the special chips).
  • There is a load time for cartridges of about 12 seconds (I did not find this to be too much different from just booting the console with hackchi installed alone).
  • Every time you want to play a new physical cartridge game, you should power off everything, insert the new cartridge, and then power everything back up.
  • Does not include a power supply or secondary USB cable (just use the power supply included with the console to power everything).
  • Does not work with 8-bit NES cartridges (I’m not sure if this is really a con since it obviously just has a 16-bit SNES cartridge slot)
  • It “loses” (wipes out / deletes) some random ROM files when importing games for emulators.
  • Compressed ROM files are not supported except for arcade ROMs.
  • It costs almost as much as a SNES or NES Classic Edition console.

Should we buy Classic 2 Magic to hack SNES Mini?

If you’re just the type of person that wants to play your already backed up ROM files, this is not for you. If you’re someone who just wants to dump your games, sure this will do that, but after they’re dumped, this is pointless. Thus making this device not for you either. We think the fact that it’s big and bulky kills the “mini” vibe of the SNES Classic if we are speaking frankly. However, it does still have a purpose. We would get a USB drive that takes up a minimal real estate, thus making it look like a button.

This is basically for those who want to have a Super NT experience on their TV. Which, by that, We mean can play any region games and look truly great. Sure, there are definitely differences between the two. We won’t even debate you on that, the Super NT is the clear winner here. But this can do everything that the Super NT could, albeit just a little lesser compatibility. Oh, and it doesn’t have Super Turrican 2. Do We think you should get it? Yes, yes we do. Do we think the price could be a bit lower? We think that the price is fair only because it can be updated. 

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