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Are all Nintendo Switch hackable in USA with SX Pro or SX OS?

According to the latest news from Team Xecuter, we can tell you all Nintendo Switch consoles will be hackable very soon for playing free games, running homebrews via using the SX Pro or the SX OS Code.

SX Pro and SX OS crack every Switch?

You may wonder that what are SX Pro and SX OS? Don’t worry, I will give you introduction here.

The SX Pro and SX OS, they are both coming from the Team Xecuter, so they are called Xecuter SX Pro and Xecuter SX OS as well. What are they using for? The team xecuter produces them for hacking or jailbreaking the Nintendo Switch consoles. Each of them is used to install the SX OS CFW from Xecuter company to the Switch handheld, then users can play downloaded Switch games and run free homebrew apps&softwares on the OS CFW.

The SX OS CFW is the commerical Switch custom firmware develped by Team Xecuter, on this OS CFW, Nintendo Switch console users can do a lot of things, playing free Switch games only from a sd card is the Top 1 you can try.

SX Pro Features and Details

  • The ultimate hacking kit for your Nintendo Switch
  • Includes USB dongle, tool (use once to install OS) and OS software license
  • Weight: (50g)

  • SX Pro installs SX OS CFW on the Nintendo Switch to let users play free games, eshop games and run homebrews
  • SX Pro is an easy to use dongle that plugs into the charging port of your Nintendo Switch
  • SX Pro hacks the Nintendo Switch without modifying. You dont not need to open you console or make any modifications. Easy
  • SX Pro is fully updatable and future proof
  • Compatible with all regions
  • Compatible with all firmwares

SX OS Features and Details

  • It’s the SX OS CFW license code, not a product really
  • Must work with some tools for cracking the Nintendo Switch
  • Each SX OS only ties to work on One Nintendo Switch console

  • SX OS works with every Nintendo Switch out there. On every firmware version
  • SX OS supports users to play free Switch games straight off of the microSD card inserted into your Nintendo Switch
  • SX OS CFW is compatible with Homebrews and Eshop titles
  • SX OS CFW is fully updatable and future proof
  • SX OS allows you play original game card roms too when boot into the normal Nintendo Switch firmware
  • Compatible with all regions
  • Compatible with all firmwares

Are all Nintendo Switch hackable in USA with SX Pro&SX OS?

Currently, not all Nintendo Switch in USA and other countries are hackable. Why? The SX OS should supported every console and every firmware version like they adevertised. But several days ago, someone found that a new revision Nintendo Switch is incompatible with either SX Pro or SX OS. The SX OS CFW can’t be installed on this Switch. 

But don’t worry, according to the latest news from TX, they have got one of this Nintendo Switch, also found out the problem and are on its way to resolve it. For those of you want to ensure you get a hackable Nintendo Switch, you will get answer from this post,

Team Xecuter versus the “unhackable” Switch

Recently, it has come to our attention there’s a new revision of the Nintendo Switch in the wild which is incompatible with our SX Pro product. This isn’t simply an incompatibility with SX Pro but rather appeared to be a fix of the infamous “USB RCM” exploit.

Naturally, we had to locate one of these new Switch units to get to the bottom of this. Our new Switch unit arrived to us at firmware version 5.1.0 and what we found out is the following (sorry, time to get a bit technical):

One of the IPATCH entries in the fuse set (entry #3) has been replaced with a new patch. The old patch patches the bootrom location 0x10fb3c with the value “00 20″ (mov r0, #0 in thumb), and the new patch patches the bootrom location 0x10769a with the value “00 21″ (mov r1, #0 in thumb). This new patch effectively zeroes out the upper-byte of the wLength field in the USB RCM endpoint 0 handling code.

Those who are paying attention probably wonder how we know the exact details of this IPATCH entry change, since we can’t read out the fuses without our precious USB RCM exploit, right? It is a classic chicken and egg problem.

The answer is obvious: There is more than one coldboot bootrom exploit, and it is not just the warmboot one.

So don’t fear: we will deliver a solution for these new “unhackable” switches in due time!

How to hack Nintendo Switch with SX Pro or SX OS in USA?

SX Pro is easy to setup and use, SX OS needs some tools to work with, but don’t worry, no matter you choose which one, you can get a step by step guide from here.

Guide A: Hack the Nintendo Switch with SX Pro in USA


  1. One SX Pro
  3. Switch with Internet
  4. PC, Mac, or Linux

Section I -Boot SX OS CFW

  1. Format your Switch microsd card on Switch and take it out, also re-format the sd card on your PC with exFat.
  2. Go to the official site to download the latest SX OS version, extract the SX OS .zip archive and place the contents of the archive on the root of your microSD card.
  3. Go to an online site to download Switch games in .XCI format and drag them to your sd card root folder too.
  4. Maku sure your Switch is power off and isn’t plugged in any other device.
  5. Slide the Jig into the right-hand joycon rail and push it down until it is secure in the place, next,
  6. Plug the dongle into the usb-c port on the botton of you switch, now, while holding the vol+, press the power button until you can see the SX OS bootloader. You can now remove the jig and install RCM according to instruction and then Select the “Boot into custom FW” option.
  7. When you preform the first boot of SX OS, a unique file will be created on your microsd card, for activating it, just pressing the Album icon to enter into the Game Selection Menu of SX OS and then pressing R. Make sure your Switch is connected to the internet

Section II-Play Free Switch Games

  1. Now you get OS CFW loaded on your console, selecting the Album icon with no button held will open the game selection menu for you to play free Switch games.
  2. Holding R while selceting the Album will open the homebrew menu, this required the homebrew menu files to be present on your sd card. Switch homebrew apps can be download from here

Guide B: Hack the Nintendo Switch with SX OS in USA

Just follow the official instruction here, remember to download the latest SX OS V1.4 CFW,[US]_SXOS_v1.2.pdf.

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