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3DS system hacking guide with and without flashcard

3DS hack ! Their are at least 4 different ways to hack the New 3DS (LL)/3DS (XL)/2DS console.I will show you step by step how to hack your 3DS system without r4,gw or other flashcarts and the way to choose the best flashcart for more poweful functions. It’s very easy, let’s begin the hacking world.

First you must learn some basic knowledge about your 3DS system.

  1. 3ds Firmware (system). The New 3DS(LL),3DS(XL,LL),2DS use the same 3DS system so I will call them 3DS.
  2. 3ds firmware number. You can check your 3DS firmware at the System settings ont the top screen.
    First You must find out your firmware number. It’s very important.
    3DS firmware from 1.x to 9.x  The latest firmware is 9.4.0-20.

A) Hack your 3DS without any flashcart and money.

Finally the 3DS is hacked by a students in a famous university. I don’t want to talk the hacker here. let’s begin to hack you 3DS system.


Yes, the Ninjhax, it’s the application to hack your 3ds system. ninjhax is a piece of software that allows you to run snsigned code on your 3DS.That’s mean you the 3DS has been hacke and you can run any software you want. You are able to run SNES,GBA…homebrew apps,games,tool and more.That’s very cool.Thanks for the SSSPwn exploit. Let’s begin.

  1. download the software ninjhax homebrew starter kit 
  2. 3ds-linker the CUBIC NINJA 3DS game (if you have a 3DS flashcart, you can just download the Cubic NINJA game rom instead.
  3. A 3DS, 3DS XL or 2DS console with a firmware version between 4.0.0-7 and 9.2.0-20.
    9.2.0-20 is better. (PS: if your 3DS system number is not 4.1~4.5, please upgrade your 3DS system to 9.2.0-20)
  4. using the SKY3DS and switch to the CUBIC NINJA.Start CUBIC NINJA on your console, choose “Create”, then “QR code”, and finally “Scan QR code”.
    Get NINJHAX QRCode
    choose the versions of your 3DS console.
    This is the QRCode for 3DS 9.2.0-20u
    If your 3DS system is 9.2.0-20U, you can scan this pic directly.
  5. Then your 3DS will show some messages on the screen.
    install the expliot to your…..
    Click the A button to hack your 3DS system. Waiting the process to done.
    That’s very easy, and now you have hacked your 3DS system by sofware. Without any flashcart.

Because the NINJHAX was just released, so their have a few emulators and hombrews. But don’t worry. You can find more homebrew apps and sofware for your console.
A bad news is that the NINJHAX can’t support 3DS or DS game backups (ROM) you can’t use it to play Nintendo 3DS or DS games.  Anyway, we have really hacked the 3DS system. The limit is made by the NINJHAX maker.He feel it’s not legal to run 3ds game backups.

B)Hack your 3DS with flashcart

R4 3DS Flashcarts

Their are many many r4 flashcarts in the market. You should learn many of thems. Here I just list the advantage and disadvantage of these r4 cards. R4 cards include the R4 Gold,R4i SDHC,DSTWO,acecard 2i….. They are both wonderful flashcart for Nintendo 3DS,2DS,DSI.DS consoles. From 2009, the R4 has developed for 5 years. So they have almost the same functions. Some ones are clone ,but don’t worry. the original or first shop has been closed. So don’t worry about them.
Functions: The R4 card can supports playing DS games. You can’t use it to play 3DS games. The most appropriate Flash Card for hacking the 3DS regardless if that would be the r4i sdhc 3ds RTS,R4i Gold, the SuperCard DSTWO, the AceKard 3DS, aside from allowing you to play the 3DS roms – copies that are said to be backup copies of the games for the Nintendo 3DS will also have to be equipped with backward compatible cartridge with those of the NDS, the XL, as well as for the DS Lite and the DSi. Through this blank 3DS cartridge, it will now be possible for players to play downloaded games, run any homebrewed applications, and even play any media file straight from the game card’s Slot-1 on the Nintendo 3DS.
The R4 3DS flashcarts has totally hacked the 3DS system and run the built-in kernel of R4. So you can run any apps on the kernel.   This technology is used by all the r4 3ds flashcarts.  Built-in kernel run any apps you want. So it’s not any hert to the 3DS system and hacked the via the flashcart. So it support region free,Multi-roms and more.
The Price:Now the r4 cards are very very cheap. about $18 for 5500+ free DS games is very worth. I thinks this is the essential product for Nintendo 3DS/2DS/DSi users.

Gateway 3DS and it’s clones

Gateway 3DS has a powerful team. I have to say the Gateway 3DS use a very simple exploit and have made a very Complex systems to run 3DS and DS games on your 3ds consoles. It’s the best and the most complex flashcart for 3DS.
The Gateway 3DS use the 3DS Profile bug to hacked the 3DS system. Then run the Gateway 3DS system. Becuase the 3ds profile bug only works on 3DS 4.1~4.5 firmware. So now you can only use the Gateway 3DS on 3DS 4.1~4.5. (but the gateway 3DS will release the firmware which support 3DS 9.x~9.2.0-20 soon,video review: gateway working on New 3DS 9.2.0-20.). Other clones: MT Card, r4i gold 3ds Deluxe edition. are not powerful as Gateway 3DS. Have many bugs or limit.
Functions: Gateways  3DS support all the 3DS games. 100% compatibility. You can play any region 3DS and DS games on the Gateway 3DS. You don’t need to worry about the. Because the Gateway 3DS have built-in system, so you can change the games easily. Hold many 3DS games in one micro sd card. It’s amazing, you don’t need to carry many game cards again. Gateway 3DS support many features. I don’t want to talk too much about this card.
Price: It’s more expensive than the R4 3DS Card. Because it’s more complex. But if you know the price of the 3DS game, I thinks it’s very very worth. If you play only 20 games via the Gateway 3DS ( gateway 3ds can play as many games as you want), $20*30=$600 dollars. The Gateway 3DS only need $70. But you will play more than 20 3DS games. right ?


UPDATE (Jan 20,2015) The new sky3ds with blue button, support unlimited 3DS games and you have method to play other region games too.)

this is a new 3ds game flashcart and only for 3DS games. The SKY3DS use a very special technology. The Game-ID or Key. You know every retail-game card have a Game-ID and the Nintendo 3DS will check  to identify if it’s a legal card.If the flashcarts got the Game-ID or know the Game-ID (title) roms ? What’s will happen ? That’s the SKY3DS technology. So no built-in systems, not hacking in fact,it’s just cheat the Nintendo 3DS system.
Advantage: SKY3DS can works on any 3DS firmware. From 1.x to 9.x include the 9.2.0-20. The game card can works as a legal retail game card and have all the same functions. Online upgrade, online play…… SKY3DS now support unlimited 3DS games and region free.

  1. If you have many games in one micro sd card, it’s a little difficult to change games

As I have said before, the SKY3DS let the 3DS users to play 3DS games on any 3DS console via the flashcart. It’s not possible on R4 3DS, Gateway 3DS and it’s clones currently. But the Gateway 3DS may support 9.x soon, So I think no one will buy the SKY3DS if they don’t remove the 10 games limit.
Price: The SKY3DS is more expensive than the Gateway 3DS. about $90. Why so expensive, because no rival. Because the Nintendo 3DS games are expensive too.

Video review:


Summary of hacking 3DS

We can hack the 3DS system via flashcart or without flashcart. If you buy the flashcart for your kids, I think the best is the R4 3DS flashcarts. Because it’s very easy to use and handle. If you like to play 3DS games. the Gateway 3DS is the best chocie.Gateway 3DS can works on 3DS 4.1~9.2 currently, don’t support the new 3DS. If your 3DS console is 9.2 firmware or lower. I recommend the gateway 3DS card, you can enjoy all the games,and no need to upgrade your 3DS firmware again. Use forever. For the 9.2+ systems and new 3ds users, the SKY3DS is the best choice and only choice for 3DS Games.
If you just want to run homebrews, SNES,GBA and other eumlators, No need to buy flashcart. Using the first method in this post.

(ALARM:their are many fake flashcart site which cheat users money,please choose a trusted site to buy your card,We reocmmend you buy from

How to check the site is good ?

  1. Continuously updated blog and content.
    if you find the site has not upgraded the content for a long time. It’s not a safe site
  2. social media : (facebook or twitter). have many fans and Interactive messages. (
  3. Https for payment (SSL)
  4. Profession service and quick reply.
    some site have no reply when you send email to them.

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