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3DS NTRboot 11.6, what’s the best ntrboot flashcart to buy?

Do you know the NTRboot for 3DS? Are you looking for a compatible NTRboot Flashcard? And what’s the best NTRboot flashcart to buy in UK/USA? Here you can find the answers.

3DS NTRboot and NTRboot Flashcart

ntrboot 3ds

Introduction of NTRboot

NTRboot/NTRboothax or Magnethax, a free 3ds exploit to use for running B9S .firm files from bootrom via a compatible flashcard and a magnet! This works on every 3DS on any firmware version. This allows us to have a simple installation of Boot9Strap/CFW to any 3DS, this also enable us to unbrick any 3DS bricked by normal means, all preparations are just a ntrboot flashcart and a maget if our 3DS devices is of a folding style.

3DS NTRboot Tips

  1. Note that this is compatible with every 3DS, and 2DS (Yes, also the new2DS/new3DS XL 11.6) and easy to install without soldering anything.
  2. Note that installing boot9strap with ntrboot requires a compatible flashcart to flash ntrboot to. Note that some of these flashcarts are sold pre-flashed with ntrboot, such as the R4i gold 3ds plus, Ace3ds x and R4 3DS B9S.
  3. Note that while the ntrboot exploit works independently of system version, the ntrboot flasher (which installs the exploit to the cart) is not. This means that, depending on the versions and devices supported by your flashcart, only certain methods may be available to you.
  4. Note that NTRboot carts with a “Time Bomb” will no longer be able to launch .nds files when they detect that the system clock has passed a date determined by the flashcart firmware. One method to bypass this is to set the system clock to an earlier date.
  5. Note that specific NTRboot methods may have additional compatibility information.
  6. Note that the flashcart will not be able to be used for its standard functions while the ntrboot exploit is installed on it (except for R4i gold 3ds rts plus and Ace3ds X). This means that, for most flashcarts, it will not even display on the home menu. There are optional steps at the end of the ntrboot flashing instructions to remove it from your flashcart when you are done.

NTRboot Flashcarts

ntrboot flashcart 2018

The following image shows you nearly all the NTRboot compatible flashcard, some are pre-flashed NTRboothax and can be restored to original easily, some are only working on old firmware versions of Nintendo 3DS and there is one flashcard supports 3DS/DS games both but with NTRboot compatibility too. That’s the Stargate 3DS.

Which is the best NTRboot flash cart to buy?

The best NTRboot flash cart to buy is the R4i gold 3ds plus, here to check all its advantages than the other NTRboot compatible flashcards.

  • Support on any 3DS(XL), 2DS, NEW 3DS(XL), NEW 2DS XL models.
  • Work on any DS, DS Lite, DSI and DSI XL machines.
  • Compatible with 3DS V11.6 and DSIV1.4.5.
Firmware WoodR4 firmware, with the best game compatibility
NTRboot With pre-flashed ntrboothax, no need for you to flash
Timebomb Without Timebomb, can work on your console at any time
NTR/DS Mode With a built-in swith, users can easily toggle between NTR and DS mode, no need to remove the ntrboothax exploit by yourselves.

In fact, there is another NTRboot flash cart can compete with the R4i gold 3ds plus edition, that’s the Ace3ds X. The 2 cartridges for NTRboot have many similarities, both are using Wood firmware, both are working on any 3DS/DSI firmware console, both are preflashed ntrboothax and both are without timebomb. The biggest difference is that Ace3ds X has a button on the card’s side while the R4i 3ds plus card has a innder switch. And as for price, Ace3ds X($25.9) is much more expensive than the R4i gold 3ds plus($22.5).

So if you want to buy a high-quality and cheap NTRboot card, purchase the R4i 3ds gold plus. If you want to choose a more convenient ntrboot cart to use, Ace3ds x is much better.

Where to buy the best cartridge for NTRboot on 3DS in UK/USA?

ntrboot card UK/USA

The, pickup us to buy the NTRboot flash cart, you won’t regret. To those of you living in United Kingdom and United State, we are providing the fast and local shipment, safe Paypal payment, free Game Download service and extra Voucher Code to use. We are having R4i gold 3ds plus, Ace3ds X and other 3ds flashcards in both American and French warehouses, using USPS/GLS/LA POSTE as carrier to ship you the NTRboot card within 24 hours in business days and sending you the serial number&voucher code as the Free Gift.

All in all, which site to choose in UK/USA to buy the best NTRboot cartridge? That is us, the legit, professional and reputable flashcard online

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