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3DS 11.7 cracking guide with R4, NTR card, Sky3ds+ and Stargate 3ds

How to crack or hack the next 3DS V11.7.0-40 firmware? It’s very easy as you are staying on the 3ds v11.6. Why? Because you have 4 different choices to select to jailbreak the new 3DS firmware 11.7 to play ds, 3ds, cia, eshop 3ds games or just install homebrews.

Crack 3DS 11.7 Firmware

Now the latest 3ds system version is V11.6.0-39, the next will be the V11.7.0-40. No matter when it will be released, I can confirm you that it can be hacked by the 4 following flashcards. That’s to say, once you buy any of those flashcard, your 3DS V11.7 firmware console can be cracked to play free games or install homebrews. So don’t worry, you are safe to update any 3DS model to the V11.7.0 with any of the flash cart here. Of course, you can choose to not update, but only on the latest 3ds firmware version, you can access to 3ds eshop and play games online.

R4 card hacks 3DS V11.7

best 2017 r4

R4 flashcard is a group of ds game flash carts with R4 title. They may come from different R4 companies, but they are all with the same function, playing free DS roms on your 3DS or DSI firmware device, in 2018, the hot R4 brands are listed as the following.

  • R4I GOLD PRO 2018
  • R4 3DS DUAL CORE 2018

The above R4 cards are not only playing ds games on 3DS but on DS/DSI/DSI XL/DS LITE handhelds. They read free NDS roms on any NEW 3DS or old NDS device, also, they are supporting homebrews, multi-media function, real-time save, user cheats, soft reset, custom skin and many other features. Choose any of the R4 cards to hack your 3DS V11.7 console, you are paying for 10 to 22 dollars to play Hundreds of free games and enjoy all of these functions.

However, 3DS R4 card isn’t and won’t play 3DS games on your model. Never forget it. On the other hand, if you buy some R4 card on the above list but don’t know how to set it up on a 3ds v11.7.0-40 machine, here is the tutorial. All r4 cards with a similar instruction, the difference just lies on the kernel they use.

  1. Prepare a Micro SD card, you can choose a capacity from 4GB to 32GB, you can make your purchase of the R4 card together with a micro SDHC card on our site
  2. Format your SD card into FAT32. Before formatting your SD card, you need to backup the data on your SD card.
  3. Download the R4 3ds firmwares from official websites, you can find it on the card sticker.
  4. Decompress your kernel, then you have some files, then add the files to the root of your SD card.
  5. Download DS games from, then put them onto your SD card.
  6. Insert the SD card to your R4 3DS, then insert the R4 card into your 3DS New2DS XL console.
  7. Enjoy.

NTR card cracks 3DS 11.7

install cfw on any 3ds 2017

NTR card, the full name is NTRboothax compatible flashcart. These flash cards are including most of R4 carts and in the end of 2017, many R4 flashcard teams produce new R4 cards with NTRboot compatibility. NTRboothax, it’s our newest and easiest 3ds exploit to use for installing Boot9strap(upgarded version of AL9) and CFW. For using the NTRboot exploit and a maget to hack 3DS for CFW, we even have no need to downgrade a 3ds firmware or use another hacked 3ds console. So in 2018, if you want to install a custom firmware to any 3DS, just choose the NTRboot method. You can know more from here.

Also, I list here the hot to buy and easy to use NTR flashcarts. They are all with pre-flashed NTRboothax, and can be reversed to play NDS games by an easy method. The most-recommended one is Ace3ds X, it has a outer button for switching from NTR to DS mode, at the same time, its price is the highest too.

  • R4i gold 3ds rts plus
  • Ace3ds X
  • R4i sdhc b9s

Why to choose an NTR card for cracking 3DS/2DS/NEW 3DS/2DS XL V11.7? Because you can play free ds games and install CFW easily via using them. Then after getting a CFW on 3DS, you can do a lot of things, for exmple, play 3ds games in CIA format and install freeeshop to download and play eshop 3ds games.

The only con for choosing NTRboot cart is they are not that easy to use as an R4 card or a 3ds flashcard, you have to take more steps and cost more time to setup them and any of them isn’t playing 3ds game directly. This 3ds 11.7 hacking method is not suitable for a 3ds newbie or a child.

Sky3ds+ cracks 3DS 11.7

sky3ds+ 3ds 11.7

Which card can play 3ds games on a 11.7 firmware console directly? That’s the Sky3ds+. Unlike the r4 card or ntrboot flashcard, the sky3ds+ is a 3ds game supported cart to buy, that means, you can download .3ds roms to it to play on a 3DS/2DS/NEW 2DS/NEW 3DS XL video game machine.

Sky3ds+ is working on a 3DS without firmware or model restriction, it supports 3ds v11.7/11.6/11.5 to the lowest 3ds v1.0 and plays 3ds games on all 3DS (XL), NEW 3DS (XL), 2DS, NEW 2DS (XL) handhelds. Sky3ds+ is nearly compatible with every 3ds game, Pokemon ultra moon&sun, Mario party the top 100, Style Savvy: Styling Star, Kirby Battle Royale, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney and the upcoming Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology, all are supported.

Lasty not not least, you are only need to do 5 steps to use sky3ds plus to play free Nintendo 3ds games. So if you want to hack 3DS V11.7 to play free 3ds games, buy the sky3ds+.

  1. Format the SD card by FAT32, you can choose an SD card from 8GB to 128GB, because a 3DS ROM is larger than a DS ROM, so you can choose a 16GB or 32GB card.
  2. Download the Sky3DS+ V140 firmware from
  3. Unzip the firmware, then you have a “firmware.bin” folder.
  4. Add the uncompressed firmware to your SD card, then add downloaded 3DS games to the SD card too.
  5. Have fun with downloaded 3DS ROMs.

Stargate 3DS hacks 3DS V11.7

stargate 3ds 11.7

Stargate 3ds is a magical flashcard for 3DS. It is playing both ds games and 3ds games on any 3ds firmware and model. So it can be used on 3DS V11.7 firmware as well. In its ds mode, it likes an R4 card, use a DS system file as the card kernel to hack 3DS. In its 3ds mode, it is liking the sky3ds+, no game menu, we should press the buttons on the card to change 3ds games to play.

The main advantage of it is Stargate 3ds supporting DS&3DS games in a single cartridge, we are no need to buy another ds flashcard for 3DS. However, the weakpoint is Stargate 3ds is not that good for playing 3ds games for now. It can’t support some new 3ds titles, you must inject a private header when use Stargate 3ds to play games online. So, presently, if you care more about playing 3ds games, choose Sky3ds+ not the Stargate 3ds.

The ds/3ds flashcard will be better and better with a updatable firmware, if you have more enough, you can purchase it. And here is the Stargate 3ds user guide on 3DS V11.7.0-40 machine.

  1. Format a microSD card as either FAT32 or exFAT.
  2. Download the Stargate 3DS firmware V1.0 from here:
  3. Decompress the firmware, then Copy the “system files” to your microSD.
  4. Download free 3DS games as you like, copy any 3DS/NDS games to your microSD card.
  5. Plug the cartridge into your console.


Which card to choose for hacking 3DS/2DS/NEW 2DS/NEW 3DS XL console with 11.7 firmware? I can’t decide for you, because I’m not you and don’t know your need, but I can give you some suggestions.

  • If you only want to play free games, choose the R4 card, it’s so easy to use, with many functions and support Thousands of games.
  • If you would like to jailbreak a 3DS fully, choose the NTR card, price is cheap and you can install a CFW to get more control on your 3ds.
  • If you are a 3ds game fan, choose the Sky3ds+, it’s on sale now and it’s the best card for playing 3ds games.

All of them you can order from the American official dealer, we will send you flashcard from USA, e-mail you the tracking number&3ds download code and accept the paypal payment.

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