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Which R4 card hacks Switch V6.0.1 and 3DS V11.8.0 with Cheat feature?

R4 cards can hack both the Nintendo Switch and 3DS, the News is that some of them even supports Cheat feature on Switch V6.0.1 or 3DS V11.8.0. Which are they? You can know from this post.

The Cheat is the function lets you pass difficult game level easily with cheats code such as More Coins, Always Bigger, Never Die and others in games. If you want to cheat in 3DS games or Nintendo Switch games, this post is your Guide.

Which card supports Cheat on Nintendo Switch V6.0.1 and 3DS V11.8.0?

It’s known that there are some flashcard can hack Nintendo Switch, and recently, the news has been confirmed that players can paly cheat on Nintendo Switch. Do you know which card can support cheat on Nintendo Switch V6.0.1? Which card can play cheat on 3DS V11.8.0? You can get the answer on the chat.

Nintendo Switch V6.0.1 3DS V11.8.0 Cheat
R4S Dongle Yes No NO
AceNS Yes No NO
Xecuter SX Pro Yes No Yes
Gateway 3DS No No, compatible with 3DS firmware 4.1 ~ 9.2 Yes
R4 3DS No Yes Yes

SX Pro supports Cheat on Nintendo Switch

SX Pro is the Nintendo Switch hacking tool kit for installing the SX OS CFW. It includes everything we need to Jailbreak the Nintendo Switch V6.0.1 and lower firmware consoles, a usb dongle, a joycon jig and a sx os license code. By getting it, you can easily setup SX OS on the Nintendo Switch with drag and drop way to play free Nintendo Switch games. To know more about the SX Pro, you can go to this article.

In addition, from the recent news, SX OS which supported by SX Pro is update to its latest version 2., though it’s a beta SX OS, but from this SX OS version, SX Pro users can add Cheat codes to the Nintendo Switch consoles.

According to the site, SX OS V2.1 supports Cheat Engine and Cheat finder, which means users can use Cheats in SX OS and adds their own cheats code to SX OS on Nintendo Switch. It is Perfect!

SX OS v2.1 beta introduces our brand new cheat engine and cheat finder. Many people requested a way to cheat in games or aid in finding cheats for games, so it has been high up on the priority list for a while. We’re curious to hear your feedback about this initial version of our game cheat addition to SX OS.

As of now we don’t have a big library of game cheats available yet, but we hope the community will come up with some cool ones that they will share publicly. Finding cheats and making (reliable) cheat codes for Switch games can be a laborious task and is in certain aspects a bit more involved than finding cheats for, say, a classic gameboy game!

For that reason we have written a small reference guide for the aspiring cheat hackers out there detailing the format of our cheat codes, caveats that need to be accounted for, and small tips to bring you up to speed.

How to use SX Pro to Cheat on Nintendo Switch 6.0.1?

  1. Buy an SX Pro or SX OS to install CFW SX OS v2.1 on your Nintendo Switch, the installation guide can be find here.
  2. Enter into the Album to choose a game to play
  3. leave the game with the home button
  4. open the album (the SX operating system menu will open)
  5. go to the “Cheat Searcher” tab
  6. select the type of data to search for at this point, a game memory backup will be created on SD card, so use a microSD card fast and with sufficient capacity. (remember that the Switch has 2 GB of RAM)! This dump will be pretty slow!
  7. Now, if you know the exact value you can do with “Next Search” and search for it, the results will be in hexadecimal!
  8. Return now to the game, change the value, then return to SX OS and continue the search. when there are few items to choose from, the cheat engine will show you, if there are too many, you will have to continue to vary the value and look for it. If you do not know the exact value, you can also use approximate values such as “lower than previous search” or “higher than the previous search”.

Cheat code format in Nintendo Switch

SX OS Cheat Codes are loosely inspired by older cheat engines such as Action Replay. While old Action Replay cheat codes usually had a fixed width per code, some code types in the SX OS cheat engine can have a different length.

Cheat codes are placed inside the sxos folder on your microSD card. In order for SX OS to pick up your cheat codes they need to be correctly placed in the right subfolders. This subfolder format works like this: /sxos/titles/<titleID>/cheats/<buildID>.txt

Cheat Finder in Nintendo Switch

SX OS Comes with a cheat searcher functionality that will help you in identifying the memory locations you need in order to write your own cheat codes. You start
by launching a game, when you reach a point in the game where you want to start searching for cheats you hit the home button, and navigate to the album viewer (SX OS Menu).

You can start a cheat search by navigating to “Cheat Searcher” in the cheat tab of the SX OS menu. You will be prompted to pick what kind of value you want to start a cheat search for. If you dont know the answer you can try to approximate it. Lets say you want to hunt down the memory location of your in-game coins, and you know that you can accumulate over 1000 coins, you know for sure the data type you are looking for is gonna be bigger than 8-bit. This takes some experimentation and  expertise to get used to.

Review: SX OS Cheat on Nintendo Switch

Currently, TX only releases a a single example of working cheat codes for Mega Man: Legacy Collection on SX OS. The V2.1 is still a Beta version too. But SX OS supports both Cheat Engine and Cheat finders, so in the future, users can get more cheat codes to use and the some of you even can write your own cheat codes to it. For now, SX OS is not a good cheat CFW to Nintendo Switch, but later, we can expect more on it. After all, the SX OS is the Unique Nintendo Switch CFW supports Cheats, Emunand and Game pirating.

R4 cards support cheats on 3DS/2DS V11.8.0

As we know, a R4 3DS card is cheap and easy to run free games on your Nintendo 3DS or New2DS XL console without any limits. So which R4 3DS card supports Cheats on 3DS 11.8 ? After tested in on our consolse, it confirmed that most of R4 3DS cards support Cheat, even on 3DS

  • R4i sdhc 3ds rts
  • R4i gold 3ds plus
  • R4i gold pro 2018
  • R4isdhc dual core 2018
  • R4isdhc rts lite 2018
  • R4i gold eu 3ds

Among them, the R4i Gold 3ds plus and R4i SDHC 3DS RTS are the 2 best R4 cards to buy for using Cheat codes. Especially, the R4i 3ds sdhc rts card supports more Advanced Cheats features.

User cheats of R4i-sdhc: “Enhance the features of user cheat. User allow to activate/deactivate/modify user cheat at any point of the game. To do these changes, user need to save the state of the game then return to the MENU to configure the user cheat. After that just need to run the game and reload the RTS save file again.”

Cheat guide of R4i-sdhc:1. Press the icon “touch! Bomberman Land Nintendo” and enter R4i SDHC 3DS RTS. 2.Highlight the game you want to use cheat.Click B and the menu will show cheat options menu likes below. 3. Click the cheat off and turn it to cheat on. Choose each cheat you want to enable, then click save. 4. Press X or B to view the cheats. Remember to press the save button when the cheat is on the gray key. (turns Green to on, Gray to off) 5.Run cheat games now.


3DS Flashcards support Cheat on V11.8.0

Sky3ds+, Stargate 3ds, Gateway 3ds and others, there are many 3ds flashcarts in the maket. But the problem is Only the Gateway 3ds supports Cheat feature, it is only working on firmware version from V4.1 to v9.2. Other flashcards like Sky3ds+, Sky3ds and Stargate 3ds, though they can play 3DS Games on v11.8.0, they all can’t Cheat in Nintendo 3ds games.

So how you can use Cheats on 3DS V11.8 console? The only method is installing NTR CFW, which is supporting Cheat feature.


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