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What’s Stargate NX, is it a flashcard like Stargate 3ds?

Recently, Stargate 3ds team releases a brand new product for Nintendo Switch, that’s the Stargate NX or StargateNX. What’s the Stargate NX? and when will it be released? Is StargateNX a flashcard to use on Nintendo Switch? Before purchasing, you can find deatield information on the below.

What’s Stargate NX?

StargateNX is the first and only product to allow any Nintendo Switch user with SX OS installed to get instant, direct download access to access to over 4000 games, DLC, and updates with zero risk of a ban! Just load StargateNX as a plugin for SX Installer, and instantly you can download all the games you’d like!

StargateNX is coming from Stargatenx or, but should with the same team from Stargate-3ds as well.

Stargate NX VS Stargate 3DS

It’s known that Stargate 3DS also comes from Team Stargate-3DS. A Stargate 3DS is the Unique 3ds flashcart that supports 3DS, NDS games on a latest 3DS version 11.9. And the Stargate 3DS card is a very good choice for all players who like 3DS and DS games.

There don’t have any 3DS flashcart (except stargate 3ds) that can read free 3DS games from both DS games on the latest 3DS 11.9. In addition, the Stargate 3DS card is compatible with every 3DS update, such as 3DS 11.7, 11.8, so if the 3DS version is updated to higher, then the Stargate 3DS card will crack the new update of the 3DS.

Product Stargate NX Stargate 3ds
Price 29.99$ 59.99$
Games compatibility Nintendo Switch games 3DS/DS


Property A homebrew app for Nintendo Switch SX OS CFW users A 3DS Flashcard

Is there a Stargate flashcard working on Nintendo Switch?

The answer is no, but there are still some flashcards can work on Nintendo Switch, such as SX Pro, SX Gear and N2 Elite, palyers can use these flashcards to install CFW and HB on their Switch, in addtion, playing the free Nintendo Switch games and amiibos.

Xecuter SX Pro is from Team Xecuter, This is not a single item, the kit includes 3 things, a Jig tool to change the Nintendo Switch to RCM mode , a USB Dongle to store the OS CFW Switch and load it into the Switch, and an activation code to download the SX OS CFW from the Team Xecuter site.

Xecuter SX Pro is designed to boot the OS CFW on any Nintendo Switch firmware and model, so users can run homebrews, play free Switch games and do more things on the console.

  • Compatible with all regions and firmware
  • Play downloaded/backup copies of your Switch games
  • Play Nintendo Switch Homebrew
  • Play Switch games in .XCI and .NSP formats
  • Support “Stealth” mode for using CFW with Internect connected but not being Banned by Nintendo
  • Support “Emunand” for keeping your SX OS CFW separated from your original firmware.
  • Allows “USB Support” to exspand your Switch memory and load XCI or install NSP content directly from any USB Mass Storage device.
  • Support “Cheats” to use cheat codes when playing free Switch roms, and writes your own cheats code.

SX Gear, it is the SX Pro copy version without the built-in OS license code, and greatly useful for people who have got lots of OS codes but without the SX Pro.

The SX Gear is also compatible with the third-party payloads, if you want to run other Switch custom firmwares like the Atmosphere on your console, the SX Gear can support it too. SX Gear is made of the SX Gear USB dongle and RCM jig as well as the SX Pro. However, it’s an empty SX Gear dongle, so it’s much cheaper and can be used on different Nintendo Switch consoles.

  • Install a CFW of SX OS on your Nintendo Switch
  • Play free games backups of the cartridge and eshop
  • Run a homebrew launcher to take advantage of other home applications
  • Hack multiple Switch consoles because it is an empty dongle to inject other payloads
  • Support all SX Pro functions if you use it to boot SX OS on Switch

N2 Elite is an emulator NFC toy that can support all existing Amiibo miniatures, including some special action figures that are not officially launched.To emulate free Amiibo action figures. It is a round box, which has the capacity to store 200 figurines of Amiibo characters.

It takes an Android smartphone equipped with the NFC function to copy all your Amiibo data on a device, if you do not have a NFC smartphone, no problem of course, the N2 Elite NFC reader helps you solve your problems. This product will help you save a lot of money, because Nintendo has already launched hundreds of Amiibo, if you would like to collect all you would like, it’s absolutely a great budget.

  • Stores up to 200 characters!
  • Easy push button to effortlessly change characters
  • Support cheats for Amiibos on all supported consoles
  • Save your collector’s items in mint condition, forever!
  • Backup multiple save states of your favorite character!
  • Play multiple games with one character! (just back it up into 2 amiiqo slots !!! )
  • Android compatible

Summary: No matter which flashcard you choose to hack Nintendo Switch, there are all in stock on 3DS-Flashcard.CC, and we have been sharing the newest information of hacking Nintendo Switch, and if you want to use SX Pro /SX OS on Switch, please remember do not update your Nintendo Switch to new version 7.0, all CFW currently can not work on V 7.0, and we believe Team Xecuter will solve this problem,just wait for the official announcement!!

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