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R4i gold 3ds plus review, is it better to buy and easier to use than R4i gold 3ds rts?

This is an overall review about the newest R4i gold card from, R4i gold 3ds plus. We will show you its package content, console/firmware compatibility, setup guide, function list, pros, cons and a video to show you how to open the flashcard. Most importantly, we will compare it with the original R4i gold 3ds rts version to tell you which card is better to buy and which one is much easier to use. For the time being, each R4i gold 3ds wood card can support DS emulation and NTRboothax!

r4i gold 3ds plus review

R4i gold 3ds plus review


The new R4i Gold 3DS Plus for NTRboothax and NDS Games is now released. This card has a built in button to switch between DS mode and NTR mode. It has very good support for DS games just like the original R4i Gold 3DS RTS. And supports the latest version of the Wood R4 kernel. The R4i Gold 3DS RTS Plus is the latest R4i gold to buy for playing DS games or installing custom firmware (B9S). NDS roms and 3DS games (CIA Format) are supported by this flashcart at a very good price.

Package Content

  • 1* R4i Gold 3DS Plus
  • 1* Adapter microSD – USB


For Games: WoodR4 is a very well known alternative kernel that has been developed for a long time. So it’s fully compatible with every DS rom. After testing, the card is also supporting Pokemon White 2. Everything was as expected.

For Console:  Support, in the moment of the review:

  • Nintendo DS
  • Nintendo DS Lite
  • DSi (XL) V1.4.5
  • (NEW) 2DS / 3DS (XL) 11.6.0


R4i gold 3ds plus also uses the R4 wood kernel v1.64, you can download from official site. And if you need a backup.bin file, here to download: backup in both DS and NTRBootHax mode).

Function & Feature list

  1. Play NDS Games on any 3DS or DS family machine.
  2. Install B9S/3DS CFW to any 3DS, NEW 3DS, 2DS and NEW 2DS XL device.
  3. NTRBootHax preflashed.
  4. You can use the flashcard as a regular flashcard or you can use NTRBootHax just changing the position of a switch, which is inside the flashcard.
  5. WoodR4 compatible. Provided in the official webpage.
  6. Support lots of commercial roms and homebrews.
  7. Auto detect the game save data size.
  8. Built-in DLDI Auto-Patching, auto patch homebrew.
  9. Running different SD cards at high speed.
  10. Support microSDHC.
  11. Support Slot-2, GBA package, Rumble Pack and other devices.
  12. Support Wi-Fi game, Download Play.
  13. Multi-language.
  14. Multi-skin.
  15. Support soft-reset.
  16. Support cheats.
  17. Support Moonshell.
  18. No timebomb, I tried this flashcard using date of 2050 in a New 3DS.

User Guide

Step A: Preparation

First of all, prepare a new or an empty microSD card. connect it with your PC via a usb card read, format the SD card using FAT32 format.

Step B: Install Kernel

Download official card kernel from here. It’s compressed, so you have to extract it and copy it into the root directory of your microSD card. Files must be as shown:

Step C: Play DS games or Install 3DS CFW/B9S

Put the microSD card into the R4i Gold 3DS Plus and it’s ready to be used.

  • If you want to use NTRBootHax, change the position of the switch to “N” and follow this guide on NTRBootHax:
  • If you want to play DS games, select “D” using the switch and just begin to play games as you are using an R4i gold 3ds rts.

Video-How to open the R4i gold 3ds plus?

Tips: 1.  It’s not difficult but you have to separate it carefully, there isn’t any screw.  2. It seems that you could carefully drill a tiny hole in the back to access the switch without opening it to save the wear and tear on those plastic contacts in case your gonna use it a lot between modes.

How-to guide: You could then just use your stylus to switch it when needed. Just pick the top corner of the card with your fingernail until you get a little separation. Then take the edge of a credit card (or something thin) put it in the gap, and slide it around the perimeter of the card and it will come apart easily.


  • Preflashed to be used with NTRBootHax.
  • As it has a switch to change modes It’s not necessary to flash it again to use it in DS mode.
  • Official support of WoodR4.
  • This team is well known by supporting their DS flashcards.
  • No timebomb. Other flashcards stop working when a concrete date is passed, this flashcard is free of this problem.
  • Good compatibility.


  • The switch to change the mode (NTRBootHax – Normal DS flashcard) is inside the card, it’s not complicated to access, but you have to take care.
  • Latest kernel was released in 2013, although there are not any problems to be solved.


It’s a good DS and NTRboothax flashcard to use, especially it has the WoodR4 kernel and supported by the most famous R4 team. Also. it has a switch for changing between 2 modes and comes with NTRboot flasher preflashed. Only one problem is that users need to open the flashcart to get access to the switch. This design is not convenient, so if you can accept it, R4i gold 3ds plus is recommended to buy. Otherwise,  we will recommend another NTR card to you, that is Ace3ds X, which has a button too as the R4i gold plus 3ds but its button is on the cartridge.

R4i gold 3ds plus and R4i gold 3ds rts, which is better to buy and which is easier to use?

R4i gold 3ds plus R4i gold 3ds rts
Price $22.5 $20.5
Compatibility Any 3DS/DSi firmware device Same
Firmware Wood v1.64b Same
Installation Open the card to select DS or NTR mode, then you can begin to setup the card for different needs. Download, plug and play, that’s all.
Has a switch? Yes No
With pre-flashed NTRboot flasher? Yes No
Support DS games and NTRboothax? Yes Yes

The much easier to use one is R4i gold 3ds rts while the better for NTRboothax and DS emulation is R4i gold 3ds plus, that’s the conclusion. You can choose each of them from official supplier, as the time of writing(6th, Dec.), we can ship you the R4i gold 3ds rts from USA and France with USPS/LA POSTE, one week after, we also can ship out R4i gold 3ds plus from America too. Additionally, now our site is starting the Black Friday & Thanksgiving Promotion, you can use a free voucher code to buy any item in 3ds-flashcard store, just catch your time because it only lasts for 1 month.


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