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R4 3ds games, is r4 card playing 3ds games in 2019?

Is R4 3ds games equalling to 3ds games? In 2019, the R4 3ds card can play Nintendo 3ds games? Here let me fix your misunderstanding about the r4 3ds games and introduce you the 3ds flashcard plays the free 3DS Games.

What’s r4 3ds games?

R4 3ds games is not Nintendo 3DS Games, However, what’s the 3DS games ? They are designed for 3DS console. Now New 3DS, 2DS and 3DS (XL,LL) are using 3DS games.

R4 3ds games actually is a topic, We can play free games, applications and homebrews with a Micro SD card to hack all the Nintendo consoles, just like New 2DS XL, New3DS, Old 3DS, Old 2DS, DS, DS Lite, DSi etc. With an R4 3DS flashcart, the players can hack all the 3DS firmware up to the latest 11.9.0-42 and DS 1.4.5E. But which r4 card can support 3ds games?

R4 3ds card list:

There are many R4 3DS cards from different groups in the market, here is a list for you:

R4 3DS card Kernel
R4i SDHC 3DS RTS V1.85b
R4i B9S
R4i Gold 3DS RTS V1.64
R4i Gold 3DS Plus
R4i SDHC Dual Core V4.0b
R4i Gold Pro

The R4 SDHC 3DS RTS card is really cheap with a high quality in the market. With a R4i 3DS card, the players can enjoy all kinds of DS games on the latest 3DS New 2DS 11.9.0-42 and DS 1.4.5E. It helps you run free DS games as well as homebrews, a R4 3DS flashcart supports also the interesting functions, for example RTS, Cheat. You can cheat to win your games more easily on your 3DS.

Which R4 card support 3ds games in 2019?

In fact all these r4 flashcarts cannot read 3DS games on the 3DS, New3DS, 2DS, New2DS. Because all these R4 3DS cards are useful to hack DS games freely on 3DS. In 2019, if you want to play 3ds games, you need a 3ds games flashcard,there are also cards to crack free 3DS games.

So before a purchasing the 3DS flashcart, you must ensure if you want a card to play free 3DS or DS ROMs. In fact, a R4 3DS card does not read 3DS games. Because the R4 cards are cheap, many players have bought the R4 3DS card. But it cannot play 3DS games. If you prefer to play 3DS games freely, an R4 3DS card is not your choice. You have to buy a Sky3DS + or a Stargate 3DS card. So which 3DS flashcard reads newer 3DS games?

The Sky3DS+ card is the most famous 3DS flashcart to pirate Nintendo 3DS games on all the firmware, it can hack 3DS more powerful and more flexible to play more 3DS games. And it is easy to use, no more difficult operation steps, and have Online multiplayer mode. It also can support whatever 3DS,2DS or NEW 3DS newest v11.9.0-42E/U/J. So you deserve it!

The Compatibility of Sky3DS+:

  • For 3DS Console: Support ALL 2DS, 3DS, 3DS XL, NEW 3DS and NEW 3DS LL from any region in the world.
  • For 3DS System: Support 3DS V1.0 to 3DS V11.9.0-42 without any update.
  • For 3DS Games: Support Cross-Region 3DS Games for now and will update its Template file constantly to play more 3DS Games.

Stargate 3ds is the valuable card to run free 3DS and DS games, that is to say, we do not need to buy two cards to play games 3DS and DS. Moreover, this new Stargate 3DS card also supports the latest 3DS firmware up to 11.9.

Comparing with Sky3ds+, stargate 3ds is more cheaper and support DS games, Sky3ds+ can support all 3ds games enven the newest games, but stargate 3ds has problem in running newest 3ds games. If you just want to play 3ds games, we will recommend you choose sky3ds+, not because of this price.

Ending: Before purchaing the flashcard to play games, you need to know which games you need to play, DS games or 3ds games? r4 card can only support DS games, if you want to paly 3ds game, you can buy one Sky3ds+ or stargate 3ds, all of these flashcards are sales on 3DS-Flashcard.CC, we can ship these cards with fast delivery( DHL, USPS, GLS, LA Poste, and free shipping to worldwide), and we support safe payment( Credit card and PayPal).

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