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Pokemon Go|Go out to catch the Pokemons in the Real Life!

To every Pokemon fans, now you can capture, battle, train, and trade virtual Pokémon in your real life with the Hottest Mobile Game-Pokemon Go. The games is being developed by Nintendo, the Pokémon Company and Niantic and is already released in the United States, Australia and New Zealand. For now, Pokemon Go is free to download and play on Android smartphone and iPhone, like you can download Pokemon 3DS/DS games to play with no charge on Nintendo 3DS via SKY3DS+/R4 card.

What’s Pokemon Go and Pokemon Go Plus?

pokemon go

Pokémon GO is a mobile app/game that you download to your Android smartphone or iPhone, but play in the real world through augmented reality.The game requires and encourages players to catch, battle, train, and trade virtual Pokémon into the physical world. It uses your smartphone GPS to pinpoint your location, support you to explore the neighborhood and the city. Pokémon are inhabiting parks, shopping areas, sidewalks and the countryside all around the world, you will get more fun to find them in outside. Nintendo is pretty smart too, they are hiding the grass Pokemon near parks and open land, water Pokemon near rivers and beaches, etc.

pokemon go plus

Pokémon GO Plus is a tiny accessory for smartphone owners that want to experience the game, but don’t want to spend their entire walk staring at their phone. It offers shortcuts for capturing creatures and managing basic Trainer activities. The device uses a Bluetooth connection to notify users when a Pokémon is nearby with an LED and a light rumble, and is sold separately from the app.

Pokemon Go History

Nintendo and developer Niantic Labs began teasing Pokémon GO late last year. It wasn’t until this year that users got the chance to try the game’s mechanics during the Field Test. With launch having finally arrived in United States, Australia and New Zealand, Nintendo is getting serious about the release in the worldwide, which we can anticipate in the umcoming months. The Pokemon Go which is just launched in few conutries has already got the attention from the Global. Seen from the current trend, this game is a Huge Success of Nintendo.

How to get free Pokemon Go and where to buy Pokemon Go plus?

The game is free to play, no need to buy to download. But the Pokemon Go plus is costing $34.99, you maybe pre order in Amazon or Gamestop in the near future. The 2 sites ever opened pre-order to Pokemon Go Plus, but at this moment they both stopped it due to the high need.

How to install Pokemon Go on Android?

The game has been launched in only some countries, but you can install the APK of the game to avoid region restrictions. Pokemon GO APK download for Android is now available for those who can’t find the game in the Google Play Store.

  1. If you are in one of the regions where Pokemon GO has been officially released for Android, you can download the game directly from the Google Play Store.
  2. In case you don’t find the game in the Play Store, you need to install it from the Pokemon GO APK download file that you can download from
  3. Open that APK file in your Android phone or tablet using the file manager and follow the on-screen instructions to install Pokemon GO.
  4. Now open the game and start playing.

If you are unable to install the game or are having issues with the game, do let us know in the comments below. Also, you can check out the Pokemon GO common errors and their fixes

How to install Pokemon Go on Iphone?

You can now download Pokemon GO for iOS officially from the App Store. While Pokémon Go is available on the App Store, if it’s not available in your country follow our instructions on how to download and install it.

  1. First of all, you’ll need to make your iPhone belive you’re in a region that can download Pokémon Go. Open up Settings on your iPhone, tap on ‘Apple ID’ and select to sign out.
  2. Now go back into Settings and select General > Language & Region. Set your region as US, New Zealand or Australia – all of these regions can download Pokémon Go.
  3. Now open up the App Sotre. Search for Pokémon Go and it should appear. If it doesn’t choose a free app to download and select ‘Create new Apple ID’.
  4. Go through the process of creating an Apple ID and select ‘None’ in the Billing menu and add a US, New Zealand or Australian address. Google can come in handy here if you need to search for an address.
  5. Now you can download and install Pokémon Go onto your iPhone or iPad. Once Pokémon Go is released in your region you can sign back in with your Apple ID – though you may need to reinstall Pokémon Go.
  6. Luckily your data is saved to the cloud, so you’ll be able to play Pokémon Go where you left off.

When will Pokemon Go release in Canada, UK, Mexico, France and so on?

For the time being, Pokemon Go is only available in the US, Australia and New Zealand, and leaves a pretty vast swath of the world Pokemon-less. There’s not much information on the worldwide release at the moment: the initial press release just said that Pokemon GO would be “coming soon” to Canada, Europe and South America, and that’s all the company has said so far.

Pokemon Go Review

Slashgear writes: “This game is fantastic. Not in the same way a visually spectacular game like Fallout 4 or DOOM are fantastic, but in a new way. A way that’s not like any game I’ve played before. Pokemon GO is a real game-changer.”

Digital Spy was les complimentary, stating: “We can’t get away from the fact catching a Pokemon with the real-world surroundings behind it felt awesome – especially as someone who’s been playing Pokemon games for 20 years. Hopefully when the game launches in full, there’ll be more Pokemon, more trainers and more notifications. Otherwise it’s going to take us a very long time to become a Pokemon master.”

On the whole first impressions are very good, with some applauding the game for encouraging them to get up and walk around to find Pokémon, but others voicing their concerns about the idea of encouraging children to wander off.

IGN writes: “I definitely agree that this game promotes exploration, but I’m curious to see what that means for a game that’s primarily aimed at kids. And don’t get me wrong; I don’t mean that in a pejorative way. I’m an adult (kind of) and will pour dozens of hours into this game. But for kids, it’s a very different proposition to wander into new areas to try to take down a Gym or catch a Pokemon that popped up at the edge of the map a few streets over. For that matter, even for adults, wandering around with your phone out and exploring streets you’ve never been on can lead to all sorts of problems.”

Pokemon Go Gameplay Video

Pokemon free game play on Nintendo 3DS

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