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How to play GBA games on Nintendo 3DS/2DS via R4 SDHC 3DS RTS Card ?

At the beginning, you can enjoy GBA games on 3DS/2DS/DSi console via Supercard DSTWO a flash 3 in one.  But they are very expensive. Now, you can use the R4i SDHC 3DS RTS , R4i Gold 3DS, Ace3DS PLUS to play GBA games directly on 3DS/2DS/DSi consoles without the flash 3 in one or Supercard DSTWO. And the usage is very easy. Thanks to the GW3DS/MT-Card Multikernel, so we can enjoy GBA games directly on 3DS without any other devices. That’s amazing, but it’s not for all the gba games, some games can’t works perectly like the Supercard DSTWO. So if you really want to enjoy GBA games, We recommend you can download a PC emulator which will be more better than flashcarts.

STEP 1:  Downlaod the latest R4i SDHC 3DS Kerel file. (

download r4i sdhc 3ds kernel 1.80B.  or download from official site(

step 2:

unpack the new firmware and copy all the files to the root folder of a micro sd card( remember  not the sd card coming with the console) You should buy or get a micro sd card.

Download GW3DS/MT-Card Multikernel  MK01-2 from , unzip it,open the folder and copy the root files into your micro sd card as well.  Choose Cover  the same files.

STE3 download some GBA games from internet. Copy the game to the root folder of your micro sd CARD.

STEP4. Insert all the card to 3DS:


When login the system,click micro sd card——-rpg file—-gba emu.nds

Then always press Button A untill the game come out.




You can use the same method on R4i Gold 3DS and ACE3DS PLUS. Only change step, use the card kernel file.

As our test a few games, not all the game can works. So It’s not the best sulution. We don’t recommend this method. Anyway, you can see the GBA games now.

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