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Gateway emunand updates to 11.6 unofficially on 3DS/2DS/New3DS

Not officially, but for Gateway 3ds card users, you can update emunand to v11.6.0-39E/U/J with the following guide here. However, to use this way to update Gateway emunand, you will have to install CIA files on your 3DS/2DS/NEW3DS console via the FBI, which means a 3DS CFW is needed.

Gateway Emunand 11.6.0-39U/EJ

This is not the update from Gateway 3ds site. Officially, the Gateway 3ds emunand is still staying on 3DS V11.2. Also notice the Emunand is not the 3DS Sysnand. Gateway 3ds can support Nintendo 3ds games on Emunand v11.6 doesn’t mean this flashcart is compatible with 3DS V11.6.0-39u/e/j/. Even in 2018. only 3 flashcards can play free 3DS Games directly on the latest 3ds firmware version, they are the old Sky3ds, new Sky3ds+ and the Stargate 3ds.

Why you should update Gateway emunand to V11.6? Cause it’s not the official update, unless you want to play the newer 3ds games and be access to 3DS Eshop, we don’t recommend you do this updating.

How to update emunand to V11.6 on 3DS/2DS/NEW 3DS(2DS)?

Note: The following quoted instruction is only for USA system, please see this ‘original post‘ for the EUR and JPA versions, and please remember this is totally UNOFFICIAL UPDATE NOT FROM THE GATEWAY 3DS TEAM, and its not a totally true emuNAND, its a mixture of latest v11.6 and v11.2 (supported) launcher, but it works for newer games!AA

GATEWAY emuNAND 11.6.0-39U (old3DS/2DS/new3DS)

Attention, please read this first before doing anything!

- Consoles with emuNAND Version between 4.5.0-10U and 9.0.0-20U jump directly to Step “3c” after Step 1 – 3 has been performed!


- a Backup of your actually used emuNAND (for Security reasons!)
- an emuNAND between 4.5.0-10U and 11.2.0-35U
- a CIA Installer on GATEWAY Red Card
- this Download pack’s:




1: Copy the content from the Folder to root of Consoles SD / microSD card
2: boot into the GATEWAY emuNAND
3: install the sysUpdater v0.4.2.cia
3b: start sysUpdater and press Y , wait until it’s done ….
3c: turn off the Console, delete the updates folder —> rename update (update!) to updates
3d: boot into GATEWAY emuNAND —> start sysUpdater —> press A , wait until it’s done ….
4: The emuNAND is now on 11.6.0-39U incl. HBL Loader. (install the cia to use it!)

No Internet Connection required!

What do you need for updating Gateway Emunand to V11.6?

In fact, cause this method is requiring a 3DS CFW to be installed on 3DS/2DS/NEW 3DS(XL) console to run CIA files. That’s to say. We should find a way to install the custom firmware to 3DS firstly, then the easiest method is NTRboot Method. Which hacks any 3ds model and firmware to install Boot9strap and Luma3DS CFW, via a cheap NTRboothax compatible card and a magnet. So for updating your Gateway emunand to V11.6, you need to buy one of the following NTRboothax carts.

NTRboot Flashcart Which to buy?
  • R4i gold 3ds plus($22)
  • R4i sdhc b9s($19)
  • Ace3ds X($25)
  • R4isdhc 2018(including gold pro, dual coreandrts lite)
The cheapest: R4i gold pro 2018($14).The best: R4i gold 3ds rts plus, support NTR/DS modes, you can play ds games as well after switching button to DS mode.

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