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Breaking news: SX OS 2.6 released for Switch 7.0 and any future firmware!

News come from Team Xecuter, SX OS 2.6 BETA released and supports fully for Nintendo Switch Firmware 7.0.X, now, with the update of SX OS CFW, it means 3 CFWs(SX OS, Atmos, ReiNX) can crack Nintendo Switch 7.0 firmwares, comparing SX OS other Switch hacks, Xecuter SX Pro with SX OS License is still the easiest method. SX OS 2.6 ... Read More »

Switch 7.0.1 hacking news: Atmosphere 0.8.4 and the next SX OS?

Nintendo 7.0 and 7.0.X block all CFW, today, Now, Atmosphere 0.8.4 has been released and can support Nintendo V 7.0. and 7.0.1, the fist CFW has updated, which will be the next one to support Nintendo 7.0 and 7.0.1? Will SX OS come soon and support Nintendo Switch 7.0? We will show information on the below. Atmosphére update to version ... Read More »

Nintendo Switch 7.0.1 firmware outs, should we update for using SX OS Pro?

News comes from Nintendo, they has released a brand new update for the Nintendo Switch‘s firmware. This brings the firmware to version 7.0.1. Can we still use Xecuter SX Pro/SX OS License on switch 7.0.1? what’s the deatiled infoemation of Nintendo Switch V 7.0.1? on the below, you can find answers. Nintendo Switch 7.0.1 updated new: Nintendo Switch system update ... Read More »

SX OS v3.0 available soon for hacking Nintendo Switch v7.0?

As we all know, the latest firmware v7.0.0-30 from Nintendo Switch has blocked the current hack so no CFW (custom firmware) can work below. Cracked switch users are waiting for the CFW update, especially the SX OS v2.5, which is the best CFW for the switch. Recently a rumor has emerged that the Switch v7.0 has already been hacked thanks ... Read More »

Can Super Mario Maker 2 be hacked to play on Switch with SX OS Pro?

Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Switch trailer has been released and confirmed to be released in this June. Can this game be hacked to play for free on Nintendo Switch? Will it be compatible with SX OS CFW? Also, what are the secret features of Switch version Super Mario Maker 2? Here, you can see all the answers. Can we hack ... Read More »

What’s Stargate NX, is it a flashcard like Stargate 3ds?

Recently, Stargate 3ds team releases a brand new product for Nintendo Switch, that’s the Stargate NX or StargateNX. What’s the Stargate NX? and when will it be released? Is StargateNX a flashcard to use on Nintendo Switch? Before purchasing, you can find deatield information on the below. What’s Stargate NX? StargateNX is the first and only product to allow any Nintendo Switch ... Read More »

Does SX OS CFW support Nintendo Switch V7.0.0-30?

Nintendo Switch system version 7.0.0 released at the end of this month, what’ new for this UPDATE? and is SX OS v2.5 support switch v7.0.o or not? We will see the full answer below. Changelog Nintendo Switch v7.0.0-30 Nintendo Version 7.0.0 is available through an update, providing new profile icons based on New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. Peachette fans, your time is ... Read More »

Which site ships SX Pro/Xecuter SX Pro from USA in 2019?

2019 Chinese New Year is coming, with so many SX Pro resellers based upcon China, which sites can send you Xecuter SX Pro from USA directly? Here, I will list you all sites support shipping SX Pro from America, so you have no need to wait for SX Pro Chinese resellers to ship orders out after their long New Year Holiday(Around ... Read More »

SX OS v2.4 beta updated for supporting Switch FW 6.2.0 and other features

Finally the best CFW Xecuter SX OS is updated for supporting Switch 6.2.0 firmware, its latest version is V2.4 Beta not the rumored 3.0. We will be able to play newer games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Free on Nintendo Switch thanks to sx os 2.4. By the way, it’s still a beta version. So what are the more details of ... Read More »

[News]SX OS 3.0.0 will be released for Nintendo Switch 6.2 firmware

Big news, SX OS 3.0 will come soon, The Xecuter team changes forum and announces the arrival of the 3.0 update for the SX OS operating system with support for the Switch console’s 6.2.0 firmware. So, what’s the detailed information? Should we buy Xecuter SX Pro/ SX OS License to hack Nintendo Switch 6.2? Folloing us, answers on the below. SX ... Read More »

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