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Can Gateway 3ds support New 2ds xl to play 3ds roms?

What’s the firmware version of new 2ds xl console? Can the 3ds flashcart gateway support it or not? If gateway 3ds can’t work on new 2ds, which 3ds card we should choose for 2ds xl device? 

The firmware of new 2ds xl is?

It has been confirmed that the firmware version of new 2ds xl is v11.4.0-37. Yes, though the 2ds xl may not be released in your country, in the New Zealand and Australia, people can buy it from June 15th and already show on the Internet the out box new 2ds firmware version is 3ds v11.4.0-37. Just check a picture to know more.

Can Gateway 3ds support new 2ds xl to play 3ds games?

No, gateway does not support new 2ds with v11.4.  And the 3ds gateway emunand is also not supporting the 3ds 11.3 and 3ds 11.4 versions too. Though Gateway 3ds is our first 3ds game hacking card and has a lot of powerful functions. If it can not work on the 3ds v11.4 to higher updates, it won’t be used on Nintendo new 2ds xl.

Gateway 3ds is the earliest 3ds card to use for playing free 3ds games on Nintendo 3ds devices. It is supporting 3ds cart games and 3ds eshop roms. However, this 3ds flash card is currently only working on firmware range from v4.1 to v9.2. Except for this disadvantage, gateway 3ds is a powerful 3ds flashcard. It is supporting 3ds emunand, region free, homebrews, game cheats, dumping 3ds card and other great features. So if you have the lower firmware 3ds/2ds consoles, you can choose the gateway 3ds to play free 3ds games.

13/02 – 11.3/11.4 Emunand

Just a quick update about the latest Nintendo 11.3/11.4 firmware support on Emunand.

As indicated before, we are working really hard to release as soon as possible our new major update that will once again revolutionize the (N)3DS scene. As it is  now  getting  very close, we might have to delay the Emunand latest Nintendo firmware support. We will keep you posted very soon, and be sure that as always, we will offer full support for all Gateway user,even for day one buyers from 4 years ago!

For now, please do not update your Emunand until you can read the confirmation of support for 11.3/11/4 here.

Thank you for your patience, more to come very soon.

Gateway Team: year after year, we always deliver more than expected!

Which 3ds flashcart to choose for new 2ds xl?


We have no other choices but the Sky3ds and Sky3ds+/Sky3ds plus. They are the only 3ds flashcarts which can work on 3ds v11.4 firmware handhelds to play 3ds roms. The sky3ds with blue button is a old version while the sky3ds plus which has 2 orange buttons are newer 3ds game supported carts from They have many commons, both support Nintendo 3DS/3DS XL/2DS/NEW 3DS XL/NEW 2DS XL devices, both work on 3ds v1.0 to v11.4 to v11.x, both run Multi-3ds roms, both are compatible with microSD/SDHC card, both can be used together with 3ds exploits. However, Sky3ds+ is much better than the Sky3ds blue version card. Why? You can check their differences here.

Comparison Sky3ds+ Orange buttons Sky3ds blue version
  • Multi-rom support,run many game roms with one flashcard and on micro sd.
  • Best 3DS Firmware Compatibility, support 11.4.0-27.
  • Support online game and eShop access.
  • Compatible with any MicroSD SDHC/SDXC card.
  • Region locking.
  • New 3DS Game: Support.
  • Firmware: Support.
  • Buttons: 2 orange buttons.
  • Price: Around $97
  • Diskwriter: No.
  • New 3DS Game: No.
  • Firmware: No.
  • Button: One blue button.
  • Price: Around $87
  • Diskwriter: Yes, in need.

To be more clearly, they are differ from each other in these aspects. 

  1. The blue button Sky3ds has only one game-changing button, making game-browsing a long process if you have a lot of games on your SD card while the orange version is designed with two buttons to switch games which allows users to find their favorite games faster.
  2. The orange button Sky3ds+ has a micro USB connector on the side of the unit, allowing you to transfer or modify the contents of your SD as long as it is connected to the computer.
  3. The blue one requires DiskWriter and templates to write games onto your SD card. However, with sky3ds+ all you need to do is to copy file gamelist.bin and games (.3DS) into your SD card.
  4. Orange version uses a rewritable firmware chip.
  5. Sky3ds+ can work with Skydock to extract private header from 3ds game card, so users can play 3ds games online 100% safely via using Sky3ds+ while Sky3ds card can’t support.

So , without any doubt that Sky3ds plus card is the best choice for Nintendo new 2ds xl to play free 3ds roms. If you want to buy one, you can purchase it in, we are the official retailer of Sky3ds+ in USA and we also support shipping from EU, moreover, we support both paypal and credit card payments. Last but not least, send e-mail to [email protected], we will give you the free promo code to buy Sky3ds+ with Skydock cheaper in our site. That’s our gift for the ones who read this post to know us and sky3ds plus flash cartridge. 

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