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Are we good to update Gateway 3DS for Emunand 11.3 and Sky3ds+ for 3DS 11.3?

Here in this post, let me tell you the Gateway 3DS or Sky3ds+ card users or potential buyers, what you can do with 3DS Gateway or Sky3ds+ on 3DS 11.3.0-36 and how to update them for the latest 3ds firmware version? Please do not do anything before read my article here.

Gateway 3DS and 3DS 11.3.0-36U/E/J

Gateway 3DS can do what on 3DS 11.3: Gateway 3ds is the 3ds game hacking card, it is being used on 3ds, 3ds xl, 2ds, new 3ds and new 3ds xl device to play 3ds game backups or downloaded 3ds roms. So if you use Gateway 3ds on Emunand 11.3.0-36, you can play Free 3ds games, get access to 3ds eshop games, install homebrew 3ds, cheat in 3ds roms and play online is also supported by Gateway 3ds flash card. However, here I says Emunand not the 3ds original Sysnand 11.3.0-36. The Gateway 3ds card is only working on 3ds firmware version from v9.2 to v4.5, you can not use 3ds gateway on 3ds System Version 11.3.0-36u/e/j.

How to update Gateway 3ds for 3DS 11.3: Currently, Gateway 3ds 11.3 emunand is patched by the new update. You should not update Gateway emunand to the latest vesion. When the release a new ultra firmware for 3ds 11.3, you can safely do emunand updating and play 3ds games freely. We will notice you the update once get news from them and make a guide in blog to teach you how to update to Gateway 11.3 emunand.

Sky3ds+ and 3DS 11.3.0-36U/E/J

Sky3ds+ can do what on 3DS 11.3: Sky3ds+ supports 3ds game backups and 3ds downloaded roms on 3DS, 2DS and NEW 3DS machines. As like Gateway 3ds, Sky3ds+ is hacking 3ds games on all 3ds handheld system consoles. And better than Gateway 3ds, Sky3ds+ can work on 3DS system version 11.3.0-36 directly with its current firmware v112. If you have this flash cart, you are no need to worry about 3ds update and never be banned from Nintendo as long as you do not play online with public game header.

How to update Sky3ds+ for 3DS 11.3: Without any update, you can use Sky3ds+ card on 3ds v11.3.0-36u/e/j directly. All you have to do is updating your 3ds firmware version. If you do not know what to do, e-mail us [email protected] Or if you just get Sky3ds+ in hand and want to read a tutorial about how to setup sky3ds+ on 3ds 11.3, check our another post here too. For your any further questions on Sky3ds+, welcome to contact us here [email protected] too.

Sky3ds+ new firmware for 3DS 11.3: According to the site, we will have a sky3ds+ new firmware version soon after 3 to 5 days, the new firmware will let us play Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon on Nintendo 3ds consoles. What we are waiting is finally coming.

Other 3DS flashcarts and 11.3.0-36

  • Dstwo+/Dstwo Plus: Supports 3ds games on 3ds v4.1 to v9.2. Do not support both 3ds sysnand 11.3 and emunand 11.3.
  • EZflash redux: Supports 3ds games on 3ds v4.1 to v10.7. Pacthed by 3DS 11.3.
  • R4i gold 3ds deluxe edition: Supports 3ds games on 3ds v4.1 to v10.5. Still Pacthed by 3DS 11.3.

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