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Are the new features of Iphone 8(Plus)and Iphone X including playing 3ds games?

Apple’s biggest event in this year has just passed, in the show, there are 3 new Apple phones being unveiled alongside with an updated Apple Watchan even better looking Apple TV, and software updates for most of Apple’s products. However, the only Star of the presentation is Iphone X, which is pronounced ‘iPhone 10′ as well. It is Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone and it’s making big changes for 2017. What are its new features? How much and when we can buy it? Plus, can we play free Nintendo 3ds games on the new Iphone 8, Iphone 8 Plus and Iphone X? This post will tell you all.

3ds emulator ihpone 8 iphone X

What’s the Iphone X and Why is it called “X”?

“The biggest leap forward since the original iPhone.”, that is how Apple describes their newest flagship phone. And because 2017 is 10 years after the very first iPhone launched at Macworld Expo in 2007, the Iphone X must be a sort of special, celebratory anniversary iPhone. Why is it called “X”? The X represents the Roman Numeral for 10 in the same way that Mac OS X used to. So Iphone X just means the Iphone Ten.

All features of Iphone X

This Iphone X will be different from any current Iphones include the upcoming Iphone 8 and Iphone 8 Plus. It with an all-new design.

IOS 11

The new iPhones will come with Apple’s new operating system IOS 11. IOS 11 includes hundreds of new features like a redesigned control centre, better multitasking, improvements to the camera, peer-to-peer Apple Pay and new safety features.

Edge-to-edge display

The iPhone X looks stunning, with an OLED display that stretches across the entire front of the phone for an edge-to-edge finish. Apple has called the display Super Retina, and it is 5.8in diagonally. 

Missing Home button

In order to make an edge-to-edge display, Apple has done away with the Home button on the iPhone X. iOS 11 has been redesigned to replace to Home button’s functions. You’ll now raise to wake the iPhone X, or tap the display. And to go back to the Home screen, you just swipe up from the bottom. Swiping up and pausing before letting go will open the multitasking screen, and pressing and holding the side button will launch Siri (as will saying Hey, Siri as usual).

Face ID

To unlock the iPhone X, you can use the new Face ID feature. We’re pretty concerned about how this is going to work in practice.

Interestingly, Face ID means that there’s no Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Apple says that Face ID is much easier and safer, with a one in a million chance of someone being able to access your phone, rather than one in 50,000 for the Touch ID. Everything that Touch ID did is now done by Face ID, including Apple Pay and access to secure apps.


Animoji has Apple taking emoji to the next level, utilizing its TrueDepth camera to mirror your facial expressions on an animal or… other creation, like the poo emoji. It enables the combination of anime and emoji, mirrors your facial expressions and records your voice to movement and send messages.

Augmented Reality features

Apple is very bullish on augmented reality, favoring AR over VR. CEO Tim Cook mentions AR during every one of Apple’s quarterly earnings calls these days. IOS 11 beta is already transforming your world into a virtual playground, with games that create digital objects on empty tables when you look through an iPhone or iPad. Home furnishing giant IKEA, meanwhile, is creating practical furniture measuring tools. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. That’s why AR is going to play a big part on the iPhone X, although any exclusive features it gets may be minimal, as older iPhones has AR capabilities, too.

Wireless charging

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus and X phones will come with wireless charging capabilities. This means the phone can be charged by simply placing it on a power pad. It is the first time the technology has come to the iPhone range.

Other Small Points

  • Bigger display, but smaller than Plus phones
  • A more delicate casing: Instead of aluminum, the iPhone X’s back and front is made out of glass.
  • Rose gold is out: The iPhone X will come in space gray and silver.

Price and Releasing date of Iphone X, Iphone 8 and Iphone 8 Plus

Product Price Pre-order date Shipping date
iPhone X 64GB iPhone X: $999, £999, and AU$1,579

256GB iPhone X: $1,149, £1,149, AU$1,829

October 27 November 3
iPhone 8 64GB: $699, £699, AU$1,079

256GB: $849, £849, $1,329.

September 15 September 22
Iphone 8 Plus

64GB: $799, £799, AU$1,229

256GB: $949, £949 or AU$1,479 

September 15 September 22

Will Iphone X or Iphone 8/8 Plus support 3DS Games?

Not yet, all the Iphones include the old ones and the newly coming Iphone 8, Iphone 8 Plus and Iphone X are still not playing Nintendo 3ds or Nintendo ds games directly. Currently, on the IOS system, we still need to find a 3ds or ds emulator to play free games on our smart mobile phones. Here I will list you some working ds/3ds emulators for your Apple phones.

DS emulator for Ipad and Iphone-No Jailbreak Required        

They are one of the most well known and best Nintendo DS emulator apps available for iOS. It makes it very easy for anyone to play their favourite Nintendo DS games on their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad for absolutely nothing! 

  • iNDS: iNDS is a powerful Nintendo DS emulator derived from the original nds4ios! Originally only for jailbroken devices, it has found its way to the non-jailbroken scene so you may enjoy your favorite DS games on your favorite device!    
  • NDS4iOS: If your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is running iOS 9.0 – iOS 10.3 and even the latest 10.3.3, and the thought of getting to play your old NDS games on it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, just install this Nintendo DS emulator to your device. The emulator works with both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices.

3DS emulator for Ipad and Iphone-is it Exit?

No, until to now no Nintendo 3ds emulator can work on IOS system platforms to play 3ds games. The only good 3DS emulator, Cita, is in development for PC, and still doesn’t run at full speed without a very powerful computer. For that reason, it will be a long time before we see any 3DS emulator on iPhone, or any ARM based platform.

How to play free NDS/3DS games without using a emulator?

play free ds 3ds games

If you come across to have one Nintendo 3ds family handheld, no matter it is a 3DS, NEW 3DS, 2DS or 2DS XL console. You can download free DS and 3DS roms to these devices without using a emulator or a commercial game cart. What you need is a single Stargate 3ds, or an R4 3DS plus a Sky3ds+, which supports you to play nearly all retail DS/3DS games with only a memory microsd card.

Stargate 3ds: This flashcard is our Ultimate solution to play Free NDS&DS games on any 3ds model and any 3ds firmware version. It is supporting both the DS and 3DS emulation on a single cartridge and running the free game roms with plug&play method. Additionally, it even emulates GBA, SNES, NES and other old game titles on all 3DS system handhelds. With it, you have no need to buy any ds or 3ds game cart, no need to waste much time for searching a non-exit 3ds emulator. Just pre-order the Stargate 3ds from, you are easily and cheaply to play 3ds/ds games on every 3DS/NEW 3DS (XL)/2DS(N2DS XL) machine!

R4 3DS: This is a simple ds game flashcard for Nintendo DS/3DS firmware consoles. Yes, the R4 3ds card is playing nds games on both 3DS and DS devices. Besides the hacking for ds games, R4/R4i 3ds supports many other powerful features, bypassing region lock to run ds roms, emulating GBA/SNES/NES/GB/GBC/Other more games, running homebrew softwares, enabling Moonshell to play multi-media files, working with microsd card to hold thousands of ds games, allowing real-time save&real-time guide&user-cheats in gaming and so on. While with all these strong features, an R4 3ds card is so cheap to buy, price is from 9.9$ to $20. Currently, if you choose one 3DS R4/R4i cart in 3ds-flashcard site, you can get an extra voucher code bu sending e-mail to [email protected]

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