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AceNS Pro VS SX Pro, which one to buy to crack Nintendo Switch?

Days ago, the website released a new RCM dongle named AceNS Pro, and now it’s already available to order online with a cheaper price than SX Pro. For players who intend to hack their Nintendo Switch console, which dongle finally choose? And what are the differences between AceNS Pro and Xecuter SX Pro? Is AceNS better than SX Pro or a simple clone? We will see in this article.

AceNS Pro dongle ad for Nintendo Switch

The team well known thanks to the Ace3ds Plus card, the cheapest R4 card on the market, is now back with a new type of AceNS Pro dongle, it’s cheap but obviously it’s probably a clone of the famous SX Pro dongle. But first we see what he can provide us:

  • Compatible with all firmwares and all regions of each Switch output before June 2018.
  • Supports XCI and NSP games
  • Supports external hard drive
  • Support Emunand
  • Supports cheats
  • Homebrew support
  • Built-in Lithium battery provides 4 months of standby time and 1.5 hours of full charge

It looks good and very similar to the functions of SX OS v2.5.2, namely AceNS is currently in AceOS v1.0 version, obviously the name and features are all copies of the sx pro and sx os, we see a comparison below:

Name SX Pro AceNS Pro
Price 46.99$ 41$
Function Hack Switch and install CFW Hack Switch and install CFW
Switch firmware  v6.2 or lower v6.2 or lower
OS firmware v2.5.2 stable v1.0

The difference is unveiled, and a priori it is a SX OS cracked especially. No interest to assign rights to a third party especially for it to compete directly with their product sx switch.

Without brick code inside, it leaves the door open to all experiments for those who want to clone …

Where is Acens loader?

If you are aware of news flashcards, you will know a little AceNS Loader, it is also a product the team, published weeks ago, also a dongle to inject payloads and then install CFW. Acens has already changed the appearance once and now it’s the second change!

original  Flashcard copied flashcard
R4i sdhc 3ds rts
  • R6 Card
  • R4 Advance
  • R4 Ultra
  • R4v3
  • R4 SDHC Upgrade
  • etc. 
R4i gold 3ds r4i gold pro, r4i gold eu
Supercard dstwo+ ace3ds plus, stargate 3ds
r4i gold 3ds plus ace3ds x, r4i b9s
Xecuter SX pro AceNS Pro

here you can buy the original Flashcards later, with better quality and guarantee, do not be fooled by counterfeits!

SX Pro vs. AceNS Pro, which one to buy to crack its switch?

To better find the right answer, we collected the opinions of the players on the Reddit/GBA:

  • That’s why I thought of a SX OS hack in the first place, clearly the prices are broken and the activation servers are not the same, the more I think about it and the more I think that an SX OS hack is more likely because if the TX had given a distribution authorization it would not put that in a project with a “boot.dat” different from the original because all this increases the risk of confusion of things for the users.
  • Considering the price of the official resellers (41 dollars) of AceNS, as much take the official SX OS.
  • Already, the TX that calls loudly claiming that it is piracy, I laugh! It’s the hospital that makes fun of the infirmary! Otherwise, even if I do not like the tx, not really worth buying this product. So take the one of the tx then

And as the official reseller of the sx pro, our team has already contacted the Xecuter team to warn them about this piracy product, and here is its answer:

it is a poorly hacked up malfunctioning copy of sx os not endorsed or authored by tx in any way

so it’s not under license, according to them, it’s a bad bugged thing hacked. To know for all!

We declare here that we will not sell this AceNS Pro product and we also want players to be able to choose the original product and enjoy the guaranteed service. AceNS Pro is a bit cheaper but it would offer bugs and if in this case, we will not find a good support anywhere!

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