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[2019]Which R4/3DS flashcard has no Timebomb and where to buy?

This article is for helping you to avoid buying the timebomb R4/3DS flashcards in 2019, so the card you purchase can finally work on your Nintendo 3DS or NDS handhelds for a long long time. I will list you the time bomb flashcards and non-timebomb flashcarts, and tell you the a USA/EU shipping site to buy non-time bomb R4/3DS/GBA/Switch flash cards.

R4 cards without Timebomb and with

A flash card with timebomb will stop working at a certain time in the near future, currently, if you buy R4 cards with Time-bomb like the following ones, they will work until to 2024, if you install the latest kernel to them.

The timebomb is a method to softbrick your flash cart after a certain date. You can avoid it by either putting Ysmenu as your kernel or rolling back the clock on your 3DS. But the best way is staying away from the Timebomb R4 cards and only choose the non-ones.

Ace3ds without Timebomb R4 cards without Timebomb R4 cards with Timebomb
  • Ace3ds plus
  • Ace3ds X
  • R4i sdhc 3ds rts(v1.85b kernel)
  • R4i b9s(v4.0b kernel)
  • R4i gold pro 2019/2018/2017(v4.0b kernel)
  • R4isdhc dual core(v4.0b kernel)
  • R4isdhc silver rts lite(v4.0 kernel)
  • R4i gold eu 3ds(v1.74b kernel)

So the good R4 without time bomb to buy flashcard is which one? The answer is R4i gold 3ds plus, no time bomb, works on all 3DS/DS firmwares, plays every ds games and homebrews, even has built-in Ntrboot, in a word, R4i 3ds gold plus is your best flashcard to buy for playing ds games and installing CFW on any 3DS/3DS XL/2DS/NEW 3DS XL/NEW 2DS XL console!

It also has a lower price, typically around 20 dollars, a small price for you to pay in 2019!

3DS Flashcards without Timebomb and with

Time bomb isn’t a problem for all 3ds flashcards. All flash cards play Nintendo 3DS Games are without Timebomb software. The manufacturers don’t put them to their 3ds flashcard kernel. So buy any of them following 3ds flashcard, you won’t get the Timebombs.

But there are 2 things you should notice when choose a 3ds flashcard to buy in 2019. The one is whether it’s supporting the latest 3DS firmware, the other one is whether it’s supporting the latest 3ds games. On the below 2019 3ds flashcards, only Sky3ds+ can do that.

The sky3ds+ or sky3ds plus is the Unique flashcard plays All 3DS Games on all Nintendo 3DS system version consoles. 

  • Sky3ds+/Sky3ds plus(
  • Sky3ds(
  • Stargarte 3DS(stargate-3ds)
  • Gateway 3DS(gateway-3ds)

GBA Flashcard without Timebomb and with

GBA rom flashcard EZflash Omega isn’t have time bombs too, don’t worry, but it plays GBA games on NDS, DS Lite not 2DS or 3DS consoles. If you want to play GBA games on the 3DS/2DS consoles, just buy the R4 3ds card-R4i gold 3ds plus, use it to install CFW, then play any games on your 3DS CFW!

Switch Flashcard without Timebomb and with

In 2019, there are many Switch flashcards to buy as well, are they having the Time-bomb? The answer is No either, they are non-timebomb switch flashcarts. Then, in 2019, which is the best switch flash card to buy? The answer is the Xecuter SX Pro, why? It comes with everything you need for hacking the Switch, plug and play, runs the best SXOS CFW to play 1000+ Switch .XCI and .NSP games, other Switch flashcards are cheaper to buy but can’t compete with it other than price!

  • Xecuter SX Pro(
  • SX Gear(
  • R4s Dongle(
  • AceNS Switch(

Where to buy R4, 3DS, GBA and Switch flashcard with shipping from USA and EU?

That is us, We are the one of widely-known flashcard stores online, has a 5 years history and support shipping from USA&EU locally. Because we have a huge number of customers in the 2 regions, so we rent warehouses in USA and France to stock the flash cards such as R4i gold 3ds plus, ace3ds plus, ace3ds x, ezflash omega, sx pro, sx gear and so on.

So if you want to get the R4/3DS/GBA/Switch flashcard with one week delivery in USA and EU, you should order from 3DS-Flashcard site. Besides the fast shipping, we also support Secure Paypal payment, just email to [email protected], you can get the Paypal method to order R4 3DS, EZFLASH OMEGA, SX PRO from us.

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