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In 2018, buy the R4 3DS not R4 DS card to play free NDS games and purchase the EZflash card to play GBA games. Hot...



  • R4iDSN


  • R4i SDHC 3DS 5.0&4.5

    R4i SDHC 3DS 5.0 flashcart is the old version of R4i SDHC.It's also support Nintendo V6.2.0-12.Support all the common features of flashcart and all the DS games.

  • R4i-Gold EU 3DS

    R4i GOLD EU 3DS v6.1 is the latest flashcart of r4i-gold.eu.This flashcart is well compatibile with 3DS v11.6.0 and DSi1.4.5. It is almost compatible with all the NDS games.Support all the features of a common 3DS R4 card.

  • EZFlash

    From now on, buy the EZflash Omega not any other old EZflash card to play free GBA games for NDS/DS Lite and other GBA consoles. In our site, it can be shipped from USA and France after you choosing the USPS/LA POSTE/GLS carrier. Plus, you can buy it with cheaper price with our voucher code.

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